Patrizia Volpato – new forms of light

Having its headquarters well rooted in the Venetian province, the brand Patrizia Volpato rises from an artisanal company born in 1980and focused on the production of high-quality decorative lamps within the design lighting sector.

Almost forty years after its beginnings, while still referring to the ancient art of blown glass typical of the island of Murano, Patrizia Volpato has been able to combine tradition and modernity in an elegant blend of different styles that embrace even the most contemporary concepts.

The company designs and produces its own series lines as well as “tailor-made” installations for both Italian and foreign customers, represented by: general contractors, architectural firms, international hotels, interior design contractors (fit-out companies), ships cruise ships, furniture companies, well-known fashion brands and private residences.

To name just a few of the most important references:

• Permasteelisa – Construction Contractor
• Geneva Bank and local TV office (Switzerland)
• Hotel Lutetia (Paris, France)
• Hotel Millenium (Amman, Jordan)
• Hotel Marriot (Montreal, Canada)
• Hotel Ambassador (Tblisi, Georgia)
• Fincantieri – Naval Contractor
• Holland American Line – Cruise ships
• P&O cruises – Cruise ships
• Francesco Molon – Furniture Sector
• Fendi – Fashion Sector

What are our peculiarities?

With a structured technical office for the design of lighting fixtures starting from simple ideas and sketches or even from detailed drawings, made both by Interior Designers and by the clients themselves, Patrizia Volpato aims at total customer satisfaction. For this reason we offer a 360 ° consultancy, starting from the feasibility analysis, then moving on to the executive project and then arriving at the finished product, using 3D modeling tools for realistic renderings, as well as finished photographs to be submitted to the customer for the final approval.

Over the years, moreover, the company has acquired considerable knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes required in this professional field, thus managing to guarantee excellent results in the use of the various resources available on the market, such as glass, crystal, methacrylate. , LED, optical fiber, Barrisol sheet, metal and many others.

Efficiency, experience, flexibility, reliability, precision and attention to detailare the founding values ​​of the company and represent the elements that characterize the exclusive creations signed by Patrizia Volpato, where technicality and artistry support each other to offer unique and prestigious solutions.

Recently, finally, Patrizia Volpato has proven to be even more forward-looking thanks to the development of a simple and fast proprietary control platform which, via Bluetooth connection, allows you to manage the switching on, switching off and many other functions of any chandelier.

Patrizia Volpato therefore proposes itself as a brand capable of offering “Nuove forme di luce”, without ever forgetting the importance of traditional craftsmanship from which it draws perennial inspiration for its original and authentic installations.