Regulation for purchases

To be able to purchase on-line the articles by Patrizia Volpato of Patrizia Volpato S.r.l., the client must access the specific dedicated area of the website. Each item is provided of one or more photos with its relative details, as well as of a description and price. Within the eShop you can select and buy the single proposed articles. It will be sufficient to indicate the quantity of the desired articles as well as the different variations of the products and then click on “Add to the cart” to insert the article in the virtual shopping cart.

It is possible to add, cancel or confirm all the reserved items until before payment.

To confirm the order, the client will have to proceed to their personal authentication:

– if already registered, via their email address and their password;
– if not registered, by registering to the website, providing all the required data.

The purchase will be considered as concluded by Patrizia Volpato S.r.l. only when the order will be confirmed by the same company via email.

Should one or more items not be available, even just momentarily, the client will be informed via email on the update of the ongoing order.

Sale prices

Each article is provided of its sale price in euros (€), VAT included and shipping costs excluded.

Payment specifics

For the payment of their purchase, clients may use the following ways:

– PayPal (if not provided of a PayPal account, the client can pay using their credit card according to the circuits offered by the same PayPal);

– Bank transfer.

The transaction will be made in compliance with the norms of bank security.

In no case will Patrizia Volpato S.r.l. have access to your data regarding credit cards.

Applicable law

All concluded contracts are to be understood as having been stipulated in Italy and are governed by the laws of the Italian State.