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With the collection Aline, the metal body becomes both a structural element as well as an optical one that enables to control the luminous emission together with the LED lights, offering a magical lighting effect that evokes the simplicity and the levity of these items in their different finishes and in the several modular solutions.
Finishes in stainless steel or matt white of the main body match the finishes of the flaps, in gold, copper or black nickel leaf, with hexagons that are conceived not as single elements yet on the contrary as a part of a wider composition, according to schemes that follow the personal taste of each individual. In these modules, light operates according to two different dynamics: a central front light that exploits the reflective power of the metal body and a back light that creates a delicate and pleasant suffuse effect. These lighting elements combine with modern furniture that goes towards essentiality and are capable of enriching walls and ceilings to which they adhere completely with a slight protrusion.

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