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Enclosed in mysterious geometrical shapes, the luxury chandeliers of Cristalli Collection by Patrizia Volpato are a breathtaking challenge to find an indivisible bond between the reigns of magic and of our spirit. Light splits apart and gives birth to different shapes that offer precious breaths of energy.
All the articles of this family can be proposed in two versions, either in crystal or in Murano glass, with elements shaped as trihedrals or quadrihedrals, made in different colors, from the more classical, clear one to others such as amber, smoked, bronze, red, pink and aquamarine, offering some optical charms capable of enchanting any viewer. Thanks to the finishes in polished chrome or in 24 karat polished gold, the vivid brightness of these articles spreads out even more, transforming them into the focus point of the environment where they are located. Finally, the particular and captivating design of each creation offers an original and unique perspective: an ideal match for living rooms and generous spaces.

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Cristalli 5070/APP: WALL LAMP with crystal trih...

From 696,86 To 3.344,69 (tax included)

Cristalli 5034/PL: CEILING LAMP with crystal tr...

From 1.737,04 To 3.981,35 (tax included)

Cristalli 5005/L: TABLE LAMP with crystal trihe...

From 466,28 To 1.969,15 (tax included)

Cristalli 5005/APP: WALL LAMP with crystal trih...

From 585,42 To 2.784,89 (tax included)

Cristalli 7031/APP: WALL LAMP with crystal trih...

From 748,10 To 1.769,32 (tax included)

Cristalli 5055: CHANDELIER with crystal trihedr...

From 885,17 To 4.156,85 (tax included)

Cristalli 5082/APP: WALL LAMP with clear crysta...

From 922,32 To 1.106,78 (tax included)

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