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Original shapes coming from blown glass, with irregular surfaces and different lengths, a design creation capable of offering modular suspension fixtures that bring volume, color and motion to the spaces hosting them, with a surprising yet scarcely imitable simplicity: collection Crypto.

The vibrant blown glass typical of this family of articles reflects light according to a very delicate filter when the light source is within the actual glass element. Alternatively, when light is proposed as spotlights that spread their luminosity from above, the glass elements, created in various colors such as clear, amber, smoked and light blue, also represented in different shades, from more intense in the upper part to less vivid in the lower part, become an essential decorative aspect with the various selected cuts and in different heights. The end user is the one deciding the final version of the composition, that ultimately can expand both vertically and horizontally by varying the length of the wire connecting the single glass elements, as well as the quantity and distribution of the latter. The canopy too can vary and it actually represents another original and typical design aspect of the entire line, so unique in its genre.

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