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Just like as if being in a spell, a rainfall of feelings spreads out in the air evoking sweet memories of the past. Collection Diadema by Patrizia Volpato proposes elegant luxury chandeliers both in the form of ceiling lamps as well as in the form of chandeliers, other than also in the wall lamp version; all articles are decorated with precious pendants made of crystal.

A collection with a strong character, that shows a great contrast between semicircles that are significantly geometrical and crystal pendants, both clear and multicolor, that transfer levity and elegance to the composition on the whole, also with chrome and gold finishes that connect all the elements together, offering a precious yet not ostentatious lighting.

Each single pendant proposes segments of reflected light and perfectly matches the surrounding furniture. Refined articles thought for different locations, from bedrooms to living rooms of private residences, other than other environments where light must be a discreet presence even though it remains a reference point for the style of the chosen design.

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