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Collection Eos proves that LED lights do not only mean technology, instead they also convey design, quality and decorative elements. The modern concept offered by these luxury chandeliers is given by abstract shapes, which, as they encapsulate the lighting structure, bounce back that same light source.
Rings in stainless steel super mirror welcome irregular geometrical shapes in pure methacrylate, also distributed on various tiers, creating chandeliers and wall lamps with an innovative and sharp character. The abstract luminosity of these elements offers the possibility to create improbable parings, playing with contrasts, between grit and elegance, also always keeping the right balance between technicalities and artistry, for a very surprising final result. The items of this collection find an ideal collocation in environments with a modern and captivating design where the light source always remains the protagonist; both public and private spaces can equally welcome these original chandeliers.

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