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From the affinity of two souls that meet and blend into one only breath, Fedi collection is born. Patrizia Volpato gives value to the meaning of family, making the latter the protagonist of such product line with a contemporary interweave of rings that characterizes the luxury chandeliers of this collection.
Pure crystal, combined with polished chrome or gold finishes for a lighting effect capable of dazzling and fascinating the eye of any observer. Long cascades of rings that decorate wide staircases thanks to vertical installations illuminated from above with a series of spotlights or, on the contrary, horizontal compositions made of interconnected elements that shine with the help of single lights wisely positioned within the bright circumferences. Finally, this product line also offers the possibility to decorate entire walls with rows of crystal rings that shine thanks to only one beam of LED light. A family of products that is well located in wide spaces such as high-end hotel public halls, other than renowned boutique shops and that has no limits as far as how many different compositions can be created, because of the modular essence that characterizes it.

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