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New seeds full of ideas and design germinate, they scent of summer as well as of velvety fragrances: collection Girasole by Patrizia Volpato. All the beads that compose these refined luxury chandeliers irradiate light and inebriate senses, projecting a blossomed field for the enchanted viewer.
Leaves and petals are masterfully recreated in the chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps of this distinctive yet still simple line. Chrome and gold finishes pair with the rows of beads skillfully illuminated to offer shapes that recall nature during the good season, when radiant flowers blossom. Light that is captured and reflected in every bead is a strong recall to delicate dew drops. Such articles are conceived to enrich living rooms but also staircases and kitchens, matching with furniture that has clean and refined silhouettes, for a final result that never tires the eye of the viewer, thanks to vibrations of warm light.

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