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Hammered glass molded in timeless shapes and with several colors gives birth to creations with a precious design: Patrizia Volpato’s luxury chandeliers from the collection Glace, capable of furnishing the most renowned living rooms as well as high end boutiques with ultimate elegance.
A family of heterogeneous articles, where rough hammered glass predominates, with different shapes, starting from thick plates, going through tubes with a floral section, arriving to polyhedrons, also according to pastel shades that can be combined with one another to give multifunctional and vivid compositions, which, depending on the levels and on the complexity, are a good match for several locations, from living rooms to dining rooms, without excluding kitchens and even offices as well as boutiques. Playing with wires and geometrical shapes, such chandeliers and wall lamps highlight the importance of glass as a primary raw material, illuminated from the central part of the composition or from above, thanks to spotlights that emerge on canopies with a polished chrome or gold finish, offering refined contrasts.

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