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Graceful pending lamps represented by various light circles that can be combined in many different creative compositions, with thin profiles to underline the elegance of a minimal and clean style: this is Collection Illusion. The sophisticated galvanic finishes make the aluminum precious and unique, yet still it appears as if kept in background, to give the illusion that only light should obtain all the attention. The finishes selected for these light rings represent the highest expression of Made in Italy galvanic treatments: brushed shadow bronze, brushed champagne, brushed copper. They give solidity and character to profiles that otherwise would be extremely slim by their nature.

Light is given by a strip LED with a very high performance and moreover the driver is conceived as remote, however, the aesthetics of the canopy is so appreciated for the precious finishes that often it is left to be seen.
This way a minimal yet elegant design is obtained, perfect for living rooms and kitchens, even more in an open space environment.

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