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Beauty becomes aristocratic as it draws paths that result in vibrant rays of light and brightness. Patrizia Volpato presents Intrecci, a collection dedicated to those people who love refinement and at the same time know how to appreciate the creative freedom given by such beautiful arms made of Murano glass.
Chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps: all of these creations present alternations between transparencies and full shapes and also lampshades have a predominant role, mainly in plissé or satin with different patterns and colors, combined with Murano glass that has been skillfully processed so as to offer lines with pleasant curves, on some occasions with the addition of crystal pendants that increase the preciousness of the final composition. Such creations perfectly suit elegant environments as they add a distinct decorative touch which is always original, also giving the chance to increase or decrease the complexity of the installation and of the various twists so as to find the perfect harmony with the surrounding location.

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