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A light sculpture that captures nature’s strength and warmth: in the chandeliers of Magma collection the processing of hammered metal enables to match the precious gleam of chrome or gold with the shiny facet of the precious crystal pending drops.
Ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps, made for environments with a distinct design where illumination elements are the main focal point both for the brightness of the proposed finishes as well as for the originality of the effect coming from the hammered metal: a very captivating and particular one. By adding some crystal pendants, offered in different shades too – clear, amber, amethyst, red – a touch of levity is given to the entire monumental compositions, which are capable of furnishing wide spaces characterized by elegant interiors. Should there instead be the need to enrich a location of more modest sizes, this line also proposes some spotlights that stand out from the ceiling with great refinement.

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