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Navigation proceeds slowly, following the natural alternation of the waves that skim our glances with the brightness of Swarovski crystals. Patrizia Volpato creates Marea, a collection capable of tracing the route towards new horizons and where the craftmanship of engraved glass-ceramic becomes the main focus point.
Chandeliers and lamps of different dimensions yet with precise common characteristics that enable this product family to be unique: finishes in gold or silver leaf other than matt white, precious crystal pendants and a diffusor in engraved glass-ceramic. The final result of the light passing through the engravings offers a soft atmosphere that perfectly combines with the elegance of the location where such installations are so well inserted. Sinuous lines that are repeated both in the diffusor as well as in the bases of the lamps recall a tide that expands to illuminate the surrounding environment, still without imposing its presence in order to preserve its great elegance.

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