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A crystal that encompasses light, it wraps it and spreads it with all its emphasized beauty, broken down into sparks with rainbow colors; the modern luxury chandeliers of New York Collection offer the chance to create spectacular light pathways with imagination and character.
Rectangular modules with different sizes that become pending chandeliers and wall lamps suitable for any environment, for public locations and private spaces, especially when combined with urban style interior designs that have distinct and clean lines yet always very refined ones, where the brightness of the crystal is alternated by wise metal insertions with finishes in brushed grey or brass, polished chrome or even dove grey. The modularity of the entire collection again transforms the end user in the protagonist of the final creation since the users have the opportunity to propose their own vision regarding illumination through the geometrical shapes of these precious lamps. Modernity and compactness of these installations enable elegance to express itself in such essential decorative elements, as well as in the marriage between direct lighting and reflected brightness coming from the precious crystal.

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