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The miracle of nature unveils itself once again before our eyes: Patrizia Volpato captures this charm and transforms it into Petali, a joyful collection, rich in promises like the first spring day. Amongst the classical arabesques of this product line, glass leaves and petals draw shapes that are full of life.
Ceiling lamps, pending chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps that strongly recall natural elements, also with reference to the chosen colors for the glass decorative elements: white, amber and pink. The juxtaposition with the finishes in polished chrome or 24 carat gold appears perfect to emphasize even more the purity of Murano glass, especially in relation to the leaves with an intentionally rough texture, for a final effect of fractionated light. If minor installations are very well located also in private residences with a refined style, compositions of more generous sizes are instead an excellent solution for prestigious public places, such as hotels and restaurants.

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