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Patrizia Volpato mingles and merges design with contemporary themes thanks to a dance of elements where the brightness that recalls the elegance of crystals is instead obtained by the alternation of decorative elements made of Plexiglas. This is how Prisma is born, an innovative collection in terms of how the chosen raw material is processed.
Polyhedrons with a remarkable transparency and brightness form chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps with an elegant look that also have the advantage of preserving an unexpected lightness thanks to their structure in PMMA of very high quality which, without undermining aesthetic beauty, guarantees instead a significant functional merit. An ideal solution especially for the creation of installations with generous dimensions placed in environments where heavy weights cannot be tolerated, still without forgetting compositions with minor sizes that enable to create light spots suitable for any chosen design, thanks to the distinctive contemporary whiff that characterizes them deeply.

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