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Regular geometrical shapes that enclose light and then release it as split into several shiny glares which decorate the surrounding space with lighting games. The luxury chandeliers of Quadri collection by Patrizia Volpato are a precious modular proposal that can adapt to many creative solutions.
Precious crystal cubes that all together form rectangles and squares illuminated from the inside and this way transformed into chandeliers, wall lamps and spotlights, with polished chrome and gold finishes to emphasize the brightness of the composition. Essential lines that still enclose a rich and precious raw material and that are suitable for many different locations, precisely because of their flexibility, from the house kitchen to a renowned restaurant, always guaranteeing great elegance. Crystal is the true protagonist as metal insertions are just slightly seen and purposely leave major space to the square modularity of the illuminated cubes: a simple collection yet capable of offering intense emotions.

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