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A precious clean and modern line, yet with antique shades, a bright and very shiny crystal wrapped in a metal band, the perfect combination between design, beauty and quality – a vivid light spot that transfers value, style and uniqueness to the environment that welcomes it: collection Riflessi.
Thanks to this collection pure crystal becomes the protagonist as it merges with finishes capable of creating interesting contrasts, such as polished chrome, dove grey and burnished brass. Ceiling lamps, chandeliers and wall lamps, all follow precise geometrical patterns and both in the rectangular items as well as in the oval ones, there always are sharp edges given by the single crystal elements, proposed as trihedrals and rhomboidals, that make each article of this line extremely captivating and capable of adapting to any space, from private residences to public halls and lounges. Collection Riflessi recalls the line Cristalli, bringing along some unexpected freshness, however, that transforms what could have been already seen into a totally new form of artistic expression.

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