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Collection Rondò by Patrizia Volpato, with its luxury chandeliers made of Murano glass, delicately dances on the tips of an elegant modern classical style, with a distinct cut yet at the same time still showing some curved lines, which are pleasant and unexpected, offering a clean composition that can fill in any space.
Murano glass skillfully processed to offer distinct curves with vivid colors such as red, turquoise, amber, other than the classical clear glass, for ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps that recall the waves of an ocean that reflects pure light, also thanks to finishes in polished chrome and gold. The final result offers installations that are modest as for sizes yet that have a captivating appearance and are original too, suitable for any environment with a refined yet impetuous character: suites of renowned hotels as well as high-end boutiques are the perfect location for such rich installations, which nevertheless well adapt also to private living rooms and studios.

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