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With collection Sfera by Patrizia Volpato the final destination is an new aesthetic avant-garde, where light and metal discs blend together to give birth to the formal language of future times, this way illuminating our path with majestic elegance, through the luxury chandeliers of this line.
Every disc in polished chrome or gold is screwed individually to the main structure, giving birth to compositions that, notwithstanding their greatly futuristic appearance, come from a highly artisanal working process. Light, enclosed within the spheres, reflects on every disc and comes out as fractionated into many different directions, thus creating games of brightness and darkness that recall the effects of empty and full of the illuminating body. The magical atmosphere created by the chandeliers, the ceiling lamps, the wall lamps, and the floor lamps of this collection, transforms these items into the perfect solution for any location, from a private house to a public office, as well as renowned restaurants and hotels, also considering that the pleasant aesthetic result is not influenced by the total size of the composition.

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