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Floor lamps


Precious furniture and design objects other than simple sources of light, the floor lamps by Patrizia Volpato will allow you to add a lighting spot exactly where you want, in any space within your home. In particular, floor lamps can be easily moved within the same environment, creating a different style in each room.
They are very useful to give brightness to dark environments and perfect  to create an ambient light during the evening: turn on your design floor lamp and turn off all the other lights in the room, a magic atmosphere will soon be created, enveloping you with its warmth

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Sfera 510/LT: FLOOR LAMP with dozens of small m...

From 1.334,42 To 1.633,15 (tax included)

Cristalli 5085/LT : FLOOR LAMP with crystal tri...

From 3.231,07 To 4.304,79 (tax included)

Marea 490/LT: FLOOR LAMP in milk white engraved...

From 3.250,79 To 4.951,58 (tax included)

Sfera 512/LT: FLOOR LAMP with dozens of small m...

From 3.263,48 To 5.477,18 (tax included)

Cristalli 5090/LT : FLOOR LAMP with crystal tr...

From 3.424,11 To 4.876,90 (tax included)

Magma 450/LT: FLOOR LAMP with a structure in ha...

From 3.469,20 To 3.672,11 (tax included)

Sfera 513/LT3: FLOOR LAMP with dozens of small ...

From 3.497,39 To 3.842,61 (tax included)

Cristalli 5002/LT : FLOOR LAMP with crystal tri...

From 10.286,43 To 12.343,72 (tax included)
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