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Luxury Chandeliers
with an Italian Design

Enlighten your home with a luxury chandelier 100% Made in Italy,

durable and with cutting edge technology, 100% safe for you and your family

Furnish with Style


Give yourself the gift of a luxury chandelier with an Italian design and 100% Made in Italy. An artwork created with artisan methods that adds to every day of your life an exclusivity touch and a sparkle of luxury within the most important environment…Your home!


Luxury to be Found in the Smallest Details

Products signed by Patrizia Volpato are processed with great care, paying attention to even the smallest details: it is actually when appreciating the essential specificities of your product 100% Made in Italy that you will be able to perceive the truest significance of the word “luxury

Dettaglio lampada da tavolo collezione Stone

LED Technology

All our products are compatible with LED bulbs for a major energy saving

Quality of the Materials

Refined materials of excellent quality, artisan processing methods, 100% Made in Italy, for an overall longer endurance 

Simple Domotics

All our products can be provided with an electronic control unit for a total remote control from your smartphone and for a major comfort

Care for each Detail

A cutting edge design thanks to which luxury emerges in each detail, satisfying all of our clients’ senses

100% Safe

All our products are compliant with the regulations of the European Union with reference to both electric and photobiological safety


Artisan products that can be customized according to any need of our clients, for a complete exclusivity

Safety in First Place!


Lamps and chandeliers are electronic devices and as such they can be dangerous if they are not compliant with regulations related to consumer’s safety.

All creations by Patrizia Volpato are compliant with the safety standards of the European Union, that is CE and RoHS.

Moreover, the company has a Civil Liability insurance for a full cover related to any damage that a product may cause accidentally, in order to fully protect its end user.


Photobiological Safety
of LED Lights

Differently from the previous incandescent light bulbs, all LED light sources emit a BLUE light that is chromatically converted by means of phosphorous elements, therefore today more than ever it is fundamental to consider the issue regarding photobiological safety of LED lights…

Are we sure that all products coming from outside the European Union are really compliant? Does the manufacturer provide for the adequate compliancy certifications? Moreover, are the companies that import such products, together with several other furnishings, really interested in this topic?

Patrizia Volpato places safety amongst its first values…

Our luxury chandeliers 100% Made in Italy are compliant with all applicable European laws.

Certification Bodies and External Laboratories

Here below are the certification bodies and the external laboratories that constantly verify the products made by Patrizia Volpato in order to guarantee full compliancy with all laws of the European Union.

Intertel Logo

Technology Research

Patrizia Volpato constantly collaborates with the Technology Research Centre of Padua University in order to verify on the field all potential technological integrations together with the most modern domotic systems that can be found in the market, also donating its products to researches of the area.

Logo università Padova
Human inspired technology research centre - Università di Padova

Technology: LED and Integrated Domotics


Many of the items by Patrizia Volpato are designed with an integrated LED technology and all products are compatible with every LED light bulb in the market, for a major energy saving.

Patrizia Volpato proposes the purchase of only a restricted selection of light bulbs accurately chosen from the Philips brand, making sure they are compliant with safety parameters and with the desired function that they must have. Our on-line shop matches the bulbs automatically with our lighting items in order to avoid any mistake that can accidently be made by the client in relation to the purchase of the correct light bulbs.

All items by Patrizia Volpato can, upon request, be equipped with a special electronic control unit, with Wireless or Bluetooth technology, to enable the lamp to communicate with any currently existing domotics system:

Alexa, Google home, Casambi, Konnex, Dali and many others.

Your Videos of our Products


Here are some of the beautiful videos made by our clients where design items branded Patrizia Volpato become the protagonists!

Tatiana S. – Mosca

Elena B. – Padova

Chiara C. – Venezia

Luxury Chandaliers at Affordable Prices

Patrizia Volpato with its on-line shop offers all its range of luxury products 100% Made in Italy at prices that go from 100€ to 100.000€.

All our products, independently from their selling price, are built with all the characteristics and criteria previously explained: you only need to chose your design!


Browse through the most frequently asked questions of our clients

Patrizia Volpato is a company, born in 1980, focused on the design and the creation of decorative luxury chandeliers 100% Made in Italy, born in the year 1980.

During its 40 years of activity the company was able to evolve according to global market needs and today it exports in 28 countries.

The company offers both chandeliers with an exclusive design, “The Collections”, as well as completely tailored items, “Custom Made”, in order to satisfy any need of its clients.

Law warranty lasts 2 years with reference to factory shortcomings, however, a luxury item 100% Made in Italy is made to last not less than 10 years without showing deteriorations given by time, always as long as ordinary maintenance is done on a regular basis as shown in the specific usage and maintenance manual. Glass elements instead are guaranteed for life.

Yes, spare parts are always available just like the assistance service carried out by the manufacturer. Moreover, the availability of spare parts is guaranteed for at least 5 years from when production of a specific item ceases.

Yes for all products that are physically fixed to a wall or to the ceiling. In this case, for the client’s safety we recommend that installation is carried out only by a specialised electrician, according to current law.

Instead, with reference to lamps that are placed on surfaces, such as table or floor lamps, and that have their own electric plug, these can be installed autonomously by the client.

For both such product categories, Patrizia Volpato provides a detailed instruction paper explaining the correct mounting system.

All our products are packed with appropriate corrugated cardboard boxes with 6 waves that can be shipped worldwide; with particularly fragile products the boxes are then put onto pallets.

Finally, the very big chandeliers made by Patrizia Volpato are shipped onto tailor-made wooden crates

Patrizia Volpato selects reliable carriers who are accustomed to managing our products; the full shipping liability remains in charge of Patrizia Volpato until final delivery to the client.

Every luxury chandelier made by Patrizia Volpato includes, other than the usage and maintenance booklets and the instructions paper, also the safety document of the product with all the relative tests that are carried out each time.

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