Valentine’s Day: our passion is our strength

Valentine's day

Just like in our private life, also in our working environment what drives and motivates the actions of all the team at Patrizia Volpato is passion.

A proof of this can also be found in one of our lighting collections with the most evocative name and meaning: Fedi. It is composed of light rings that twist and mingle between each other, just like two lovers that exchange their wedding rings to testify faith and eternal love; Fedi represents one of the collections with the deepest meaning for us at Patrizia Volpato.

Passion, love and family become the real protagonists and are enclosed within this interweave of sparkling circumferences which, tied to one another, recall the meaning of strong union, just like the one that keeps each household together.

As happens within a family that grows and enlarges, adapting with joy to its new members who complete it, in the same way our collection Fedi has endless composition styles for each living and working space thanks to its modular essence that allows it to be adapted and changed according to the surrounding environment and to the preferred design.


With all the passion that enlivens our work every day, we sincerely wish you to enjoy this festive day with plenty of true love!


Lampadario a sospensione collezione Fedi - Patrizia Volpato

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