Domho Project

The Domho Project

Domho is a project born in 2017, its Italian acronym stands for “Domotics System IoT integrated with a major Cyber Security for Smart Buildings” and its aim is to promote the integration of products thought for smart buildings, domotics and IoT (Internet of Things). The sector regarding the solutions and the technologies dedicated to the automation of buildings is actually continuously growing but needs persistent innovations, incentives and contributions from companies focused on this type of activity.

The Domho project, particularly in relation to Smart Buildings, wants most of all to develop the aspects connected to lighting and to remote control accesses, which, integrated with the IoT universe, will deal with important topics such as: IoT communication, integration, usability and security.

The business network Luce in Veneto is the lead partner of the project and presented such prospectus within the Tender DGR 1139 dated 19 July 2017 (POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis 1. Action 1.1..4 “Support to the partnership activities of R&D for the development of new sustainable technologies, as well as of new products and services”).

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Guidelines for the Domho Project

The Domho project follows precise paths of technological development at different stages, within the macro area of sustainable living, such as: domotics and automation for life improvement; technologies for the design and the development of buildings; solutions for an independent life.

Last generation methods to reach the final goal, that is innovation drivers, are both energy efficiency, thanks to LED illumination integration and automation of remote control accesses, as well as active aging, thanks to user interfaces thought for people of a certain age.

Moreover, technologies implemented within this project belong to the sector of micro and nano electronics and to photonics. By using ICT technologies referred to electronics and photonics, Domho expects that integration between domotics, IoT of illumination systems and remote control access becomes the key aspect in ultra modern smart buildings.

The actors of the project

Two are the Regional Innovative Networks involved in the project: Venetian Smart Lighting (VSL) and ICT for Smart and Sustainable Living (ICT4SSL). Regional Innovative Networks are fundamental subjects as they form an aggregation between public and private entities within a region, yet not necessarily neighboring entities, that operate within innovative domains of any sector and that are capable of developing relevant projects and initiatives for the regional economy, not limited to a specific production field and instead open to a multisectoral network. These two above mentioned networks of companies, in particular, have the aim of developing smart lighting and living solutions, by involving different local excellencies such as skilled companies, other than research organizations related to the universities of Venice, Padua and Verona, with a multisectoral approach.

Attori e partner del progetto Domho

The contribution of Patrizia Volpato

Patrizia Volpato S.r.l. is amongst the partner companies of this ambitious Dohmo project as it is a company highly skilled in the production of prestigious lighting items created for different environments, both commercial ones as well as private ones. With reference to this specific project, our team has carried out several activities of industrial research on IoT technologies, both hardware and software, particularly interesting for Smart Lighting applications; that is those technologies that enable a flexible and intelligent management, if compared to the traditional and most common one, thanks to the user’s interface that exploits other network-connected appliances. The final aim is energy and management maximum efficiency. The Smart Lighting sector is intrinsically connected with the IoT sector and actually our team did focus mostly on the activities linked to the experimental development of IoT hardware prototypes for the lighting sector. At the same time another main focus have been the tests of prototype products within real environments.

Follow us and we will keep you updated on the next developments of this ambitious project!

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