Lighting items within your home: which ones cannot be missing

Flow 7900-1 : Plafoniera moderna in vetro di Murano

In today’s article we will see together which specific lighting items should not be missing in every home in order to have functional environments, with a marked character. Other than the traditional ceiling lights actually, there are several alternatives that help us to brighten our house and at the same time there are different styles that we can combine together for a wonderful result.

Unmissable lighting items within your house: ceiling lamps

Unquestionable protagonists of any honorable house, ceiling lamps are the most common lighting items within houses, as well as the ones that most adapt to many different styles. When it is theatrical item, it is perfect for more important environments yet also when placed is transit places it still remains the first choice if compared to other lamps.

Dettaglio modello Vela

images from Vela Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Dettaglio plafoniera Sfera
Plafoniera a soffitto 510/PL con dischetti metallici in cromo lucido o oro 24 carati collezione Sfera Patrizia Volapto

images from Sfera Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Most probably simply because it is the option we are more confident with in everyday life yet this does not mean it is the only one. Continue reading to discover the different uses of other item models that can make your house shine at its best and never in a banal way.


Unmissable lighting items within your house: table lamps

Table lamps are a valid support especially at night time when the main light is switched off for more relaxing atmospheres. Often they are used in pairs on bedside tables yet a table lamp can also become a valid design feature of a living room or a dining room.

An why not consider this lighting item as a Christmas gift for design lovers? Its uses are many and it can really change your atmosphere

Lampada da tavolo elegante in vetro soffiato di Murano collezione Stone modello 7800-LP Patrizia Volpato
Dettaglio lampada da tavolo collezione Stone

images from Stone Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Dettaglio lampada da tavolo 4820/LG con frangia di perline in vetro di Murano collezione Venezia Patrizia Volpato
Lampada da tavolo  con frangia lavorata a mano fatta di perline in vetro di Murano trasparenti e/o ambra, montatura in bronzo, tortora o grigio: Venezia 4820/LG

images from Venezia Collection by Patrizia Volpato

If you choose to buy it as a single gift, I advise to select the “statement piece”, that is the main protagonist of a specific room and therefore you can be a little extravagant. As an alternative, you can choose to make a gift based on a pair of table lamps to make a refined symmetrical composition on a highboard or a living room cupboard.


Unmissable lighting items within your house: floor lamps

Even this category is really suitable to find a perfect Christmas gift as it can be added to the primary light source of an environment. With reference to the models, the range is wide, from more simple ones to whimsical ones and it can be placed in any room of the house.

Lampada da terra Patrizia Volpato 315/LT con paralume in tessuto e struttura in legno collezione Mexican
Lampada da terra design  con struttura in legno di diverse essenze e paralume in tessuto: Mexican 315/LT

images from Mexican Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Lampada da terra design 840/LT petali decorativi in cristallo collezione Girasole Patrizia Volpato
LAMPADA DA TERRA con petali decorativi in cristallo purissimo e montature in cromo lucido o oro lucido 24 carati: Girasole 840/LT

images from Girasole Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Moreover, they can be easily moved from one space to the other within a house should we want to change its position, either for style reasons or for the need of more light.


Unmissable lighting items within your house: wall lamps

Forget the classical abat-jour, last generation wall lamps have the right to stand in their own space as real decorative items. Other than their lighting function actually, thanks to particular shapes and precious materials, a wall lamp can be a valid allied to decorate environments in every contemporary house, as well as transit spaces and to add value to important walls.

Plafoniera oro 7900-1 in vetro di Murano collezione Flow Patrizia Volpato
Plafoniera oro 7900-1 collezione Flow

Images from Flow Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Applique moderna da parete 1320-App Patrizia Volpato con fiori e foglie collezione Icona
Applique moderna da parete 1320-App Patrizia Volpato collezione Iconica

Images from Iconica Collection by Patrizia Volpato

Here ends the presentation of the different lighting items that should never be missing in a house, with the aim of giving you new sources of inspiration for your future choices.

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