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Luxury chandelier with crystal pendants and trihedrons or trihedrons and quadrahedrons in Murano glass handcrafted by Venetian master glassmakers. Heat-processed glass rods.

Frame in chrome or 24 karat gold. A chandelier for living rooms, dining rooms, lounges and bedrooms. This model is available in different colors and sizes with polished chrome or 24 karat gold finishes.

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Lampadario sospensione Murano 6015 con triedri e quadriedri collezione Cristalli marchio Patrizia Volpato

From 2.430,24 To 7.439,56 (tax included)

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Rods made of Murano glass, formed when still hot, available in the triangular or squared section or else in the more luxurious version made of optical crystal only in the triangular section
The bulb compartment allows the installation of any type and shape of LED bulb found in the market
Dimmable CHANDELIER with the appropriate light bulbs purchasable separately, light bulbs are NOT included
Product 100% Made in Italy
Mounting instructions always included in the packaging
Suitable packaging for worldwide shipments
Warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase
Spare parts always available, even 5 years after production ceases
All other technical information can be found in the section here below named “additional information”

Color available

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Finishes available


Diameter available


Height (cm) -
Depth (cm) -
Ø built-in hole (cm) -
Lamps -
Weight -
Dimensions -
Height (inch) -
Depth (inch) -
Ø built-in hole (inch) -
Lamps (USA) -
Weight (lb) -
Dimensions (ft³) -
Certification CE Can be installed on flammable surfaces Insulation class Disposal Waterproofness Dimmable Energy saving Certificazione UL
ce infiammabile terra quadro bidone barrato impermeabilita dimerabile risparmio energetico ul


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Polished chrome
Shiny gold
Triedro Murano transparent T2
Triedro Murano aquamarine T2
Triedro Murano amber T2
Triedro Murano bronze T2
Triedro Murano smoked T2
Triedro Murano pink T2
Triedro Murano red T2
Quadriedro Murano transparent T2
Quadriedro Murano aquamarine T2
Quadriedro Murano amber T2
Quadriedro Murano bronze T2
Quadriedro Murano smoked T2
Quadriedro Murano pink T2
Quadriedro Murano red T2