World Bee Day 2021

World Bee Day 2021

Since over 30 million years, bees, which are the animal creatures that work the hardest all over the planet, have brought benefits to people, to plants and to the whole environment, first of all by keeping the equilibrium between the ecosystems and by preserving biodiversity, thanks to their work of transporting pollen from one flower to the other, with an impact on the species cultivated in Europe that weighs over 80%.

For this reason, in 2017 the United Nations issued a world day dedicated to the safeguard of bees: World Bee Day, that nowadays is celebrated by 115 countries all over the world. The date chosen to sensitize public opinion on such topic is 20 May, when Anton Janša was born: he is amongst the main founders of the modern apiculture. Slovenia, homeland of Janša, is one of the most careful nations in relation to the apiculture, an activity that is strongly rooted in this country.

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The Importance of Bees: some data

  • They are fundamental not only for the survival of many vegetal species, yet also for human beings.
  • They have an active role for the restoration of the areas that are close to desertification and for the direct and indirect absorption of carbon dioxide.
  • They guarantee the breeding of 78% of wild flowers and of 84% of cultivated species in the European Union.
  • Over two thirds of the food cultivations are available thanks to the pollination of bees.

What dangers are the bees exposed to?

Unfortunately, the continuous and sudden climatic changes of our planet, the use of pesticides and hazardous insecticides, combined with the increase of intensive agriculture, as well as of pollution levels, jeopardize the survival of bees.
It is estimated that in approximately 10 years about 10 million of beehives have disappeared and that in approximately 30 years the global population of wasps and bees has decreased of about 40%. In Italy only, in the last 5 years 200 thousands beehives extinguished.

Hives to be protected - World Bee Day 2021 - Patrizia Volpato supports the initiative

The main aim of World Bee Day 

This day was born with the aim of helping public opinion and governments to think over and to be aware of the importance of bees and of apiculture.

For this reason, World Bee Day aims to:

  • sensitize the global population and politicians on the importance of protecting bees;
  • protect bees and other pollinators in order to significantly contribute to solve those problems linked to global food supply;
  • stop the loss of biodiversity and the deterioration of ecosystems and this way contribute to reach the goals of sustainable development.

At Patrizia Volapto we strongly support World Bee Day as we are aware of the huge work that bees carry out every day for the physical and economic wellbeing of the whole global population.

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The Initiatives of World Bee Day 2021

During this fourth edition, a virtual event will take place on 20 May 2021, organized by FAO, to deepen the following topic: “Bee committed. Build Back Better for Bees”.

Such event will require cooperation and global solidity to contrast the threats aroused with the pandemic COVID-19 in relation to food security and to the agricultural livelihoods, other than giving priority to environmental regeneration and to the protection of pollinators.

As FAO reports:

“Now is a time to re-think how we relate to nature and pollinators and what actions we can take to support these tiny hard workers and the millions of livelihoods they, in turn, support.””

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