2 June 2021: the Italian Republic is now 75 years old

Italian Flag - Italian Republic Day

Republic Day

«Italy is a democratic Republic based on labor. Sovereignty belongs to the population, always within the limits and the methods expressed in the Constitution. »

It is precisely article 1 of the Italian Constitution that solemnly stipulates the result of the referendum occurred on 2 June 1946: Italy is a Republic.

In 2021 we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Republic, which took place precisely on 2nd June 1946 following the institutional referendum issued to establish the type of Italian government after the end of Second World War.

Between 2nd and 3rd June 1946 this referendum, to which for the first time also women were allowed to participate with their vote, put Italians in front of a crossroad: the choice between monarchy or republic.

With a majority of approximately 2 million votes, the republican solution won and starting from the 2nd June of the following year, Italy has always celebrated this event as a national holiday, considering it a symbol of the fundamental values of our nation: freedom, peace and democracy.

Bandiera italiana

The importance of Made in Italy

During such an important day for Italian citizens and for Italian culture and identity, it is vital to highlight what makes Italy admired for all over the world: the power of those companies that strongly promote and support Made in Italy.

Creativity, craftmanship, raw materials and innovation deeply influence our economy and are aspects for which we are renowned in any other country.

Lampadario sospensione Murano Patrizia Volpato 2082/12+6 pastorali e pendagli collezione Intrecci
Lampada da tavolo 522/LPDX curvato
Dettaglio plafoniera in cristallo con triedri 7031/PL Patrizia Volpato struttura cromo lucido collezione Cristalli

Made in Italy by Patrizia Volpato

For over 40 years Patrizia Volpato has proudly represented the beauty and the power of Italian craftmanship, always guaranteeing the origin and the working processes of its raw materials.

The design chandeliers by Patrizia Volpato are actually the result of crafted methods, precious materials and meticulous attention to details, so that every client may perceive the true meaning of the words “luxury” and “Made in Italy”.

The headquarters of Patrizia Volpato srl

The headquarters of Patrizia Volpato srl

Happy Republic Day to all Italians!

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