Our lighting creations at Ambassadori Hotel in Tblisis, Georgia

Hotel Ambassadori illuminated by Patrizia Volpato

There are some receptive structures that offer the sensation of living in a dream, simply after crossing the threshold of the hall. It is exactly what visitors feel when getting at Tbilisi and lodging at the Ambassadori Hotel, the most prestigious five-star hotel of the whole town.


Located in the historical city center of the capital of Georgia, Ambassadori Hotel has recently gone through an important project for its enlargement, carried out by Studio D73. To the historical part of the building – approximately 4.000 sqm – previously constructed and kept as it was at its first status, a new area of 9.000 sqm was added.

Amongst the new aspects given by this renovation coming from the design studies of Studio D73, there is a Royal Suite and a SPA of a thousand and one nights, a casino and a gourmet restaurant. The luxury hotel is characterized by a refined style where Made in Italy arises with its elegance and a contemporary style that allows it to connect with the surrounding culture, thanks to the collaboration with local craftsmen.

L'hotel Ambassadori di Tbilisi

The attendance in “The Plan Award 2021”

The Ambassadori attended the international competition The Plan Award 2021, established by the famous magazine of architecture and design called The Plan, which has the aim to promote quality amongst who works within the architectural, urban and design sectors.

The Hotel Ambassadori was mentioned with merit for one of the categories of the competition, that is Hospitality, which sees the participation of many luxury hotels worldwide. The category Hospitality actually rewards all those people that manage every detail of hotels that are in equilibrium between design and functionality, so that the experience of the end user may be that of total wellbeing, half way between evasion from routine and the tranquility of a “familiar” environment.

Creations by Patrizia Volpato for Hotel Ambassadori

Here at Patrizia Volpato we engaged in this majestic project supplying a large part of the lighting design items Made in Italy for Hotel Ambassadori. Many are the custom-made items we created and made specifically to illuminate the areas of this incredible building, such as rooms, the hall, corridors, the restaurant and many others.

In particular, the new Royal Suite of 420 sqm, an extremely elegant and luxury environment, enriched by our design creations.

La hall dell'hotel Ambassadori in georgia
Suite presidenziale presso Hotel Ambassadori
Suite Hotel Ambassadori illuminata dai lampadari Patrizia Volpato.jpg

The Design of Ambassadori Hotel is available online

Other than the fascinating Murano glass and crystal chandeliers tailored in order to create a unique atmosphere in every environment of this precious hotel, there also are creations coming from the inimitable Collections by Patrizia Volpato.

Glace and Cristalli, two amongst our mostly appreciated chandelier collections, brighten several areas of Ambassdori, such as some suites and some rooms, the hotel hall and the SPA of 300 sqm, with an unmissable view on the town, which was illuminated by our luxury chandeliers of Glace collections, in blue Murano glass, to amplify the sensation of well-being.


Chandelier collections Glace and Cristalli can be bought online in our Shop, available to be installed in your home, a restaurant, a hotel or your office. A refined touch that certainly will change the atmosphere of any environment, making it a dream place.

Salotto presso la suite dell'Hotel Ambassadori

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