World Tourism Day 2021: a symbol of renewal

World Tourism Day 2021 Tourism for Inclusive Growth

Today 27th September 2021 we celebrate an anniversary that involves the entire world population: World Tourism Day. Founded in 1979 by the General Assembly of United Nations, such day has the aim of promoting the development of the touristic sector in a responsible and sustainable way.


Every edition is characterized by a topic on which the whole day is then focused, chosen by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For the 2021 edition the selected topic is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. An occasion to look beyond statistics and realize that behind each number there is a person.

The choice of such topic has evidently been marked by the pandemic of Covid-19 which has tragically affected every population worldwide from a health point of view as well for social and economic aspects. As a matter of fact both developed and developing countries have been involved. The hope relies on tourism restart so that it may launch growth and renewal. This is why it is essential that benefits that may come from it are widely and equally experienced by everyone.

Logo Giornata mondiale del turismo 2021

Tourism in Italy in 2021

Venice: a gem in the touristic Italian scenario

Touristic restart after the pandemic crisis in Italy gave its first results during this last summer 2021, when many holiday sites of our peninsula and many art towns such as Venice began to live again thanks to national and international tourism.

Gondole in Canal Grande a Venezia

Here at Patrizia Volpato we have a very tight relationship with our marvelous Venice, both because of the geographical proximity of our headquarters, as well as because our lighting creations are handcrafted also using the famous Murano glass. Moreover, we deeply know the importance of tourism for Italian and global economy since our luxury chandeliers, even if they are local handcrafted products, they also are then exported and most of all appreciated all over the world.

Artigiano -vetro-Patrizia Volpato
Lampadario vetro Murano Patrizia Volpato 6038/70 con triedri e quadriedri collezione Cristalli

If World Tourism Day promotes the awareness of social, cultural, political and economical values of tourism, then it is fundamental to honor it because the contribution of this sector is immeasurable for all productive realities, even more for artisan ones like our company!

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